4" MAF vs. Stock MAF for TBSS Intakes

Which Intake Is Right For Me?

4” MAF vs. Stock MAF

While both our 4” MAF and stock MAF intakes will yield gains close to each other (within 5hp on a 400rwhp/480 flywheel hp truck), the tuning is different between them. If you have HPtuners or are close to someone who can tune the truck for you, we recommend the 4” MAF version. 4" MAFs are great especially if you are planning to heavily modify your vehicle in the future. We can send out a base file to get you running – but due to individual differences in these vehicles, it is best if someone can fine tune the intake for you. THE 4” MAF VERSION WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT A TUNE.

If you are relying on mail order tuning, we recommend reusing your stock MAF.

Standard Airbox vs. DIY/Fenderwell

The standard airbox kits reuse the stock airbox. This allows you to retain your factory windshield washer setup, and you will not be required to drill any holes in the truck. The DIY/Fenderwell will yield about 7hp more, but require you to remove the washer tank (we sell a relocation kit) and also drill a 4.25” hole in the fenderwell.

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